Access to the conference room

Your name for the introduction and debriefing:
Enter the conference room for the introduction and debriefing with your personal name.

Your name for the simulation:

For the simulation, use a fictitious name according to your role.  For the first part of your simulation name, use the short name of your parliamentary group from the table below (e.g. "EPP").  For the second part, use "Mr." or "Mrs." and a surname from the table (e.g. "Greens Mrs. Keller"). Please clarify in your parliamentary group who will take which surname so that no name is taken twice.

(Note: For "S&D" the "&" must be omitted, as the conference system cannot process this character).

Please click here to join the conference ...

(A new window will open where you type your name in the field "Name bitte eingeben!" and then click on "Starten".)

First part of your simulation name Second part of your simulation name
Mrs. / Mr.   Aubry oder Schirdewan
Mrs. / Mr.   García Pérez,  Andrieu, Belka, Bonafè, Ertug, Marques oder Piri
Greens Mrs. / Mr.  Keller, Lamberts, Reintke oder Urtasun
Mrs. / Mr.  Cioloș, Beer, Karlsbro,  Løkkegaard oder Riquet
Mrs. / Mr.  Weber, Danjean, González Pons, Kovatchev, De Lange, Meimarakis, Mureșan, Olbrycht oder McAllister
Mrs. / Mr.   Legutko, Fitto oder Zile
Mrs. / Mr.  Zanni, Basso, Griset, Meuthen oder Hakkarainen
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