Renew Europe

Year of foundation

2019 (1953)

Memeber of the EP

98 von 705 deputies

Most important national Parties

LaREM (France), MoDem (France), FDP (Germany), ANO (Tscheck Republik), VVD (Netherlands), Ciudadanos (Spain) 

Group Chairperson

Dacian Cioloș (Romania)

Politcal orientation

liberal, centrist

Dacian Cioloș

Dacian Cioloș

Position Renew Europe

You are a member of the Renew Europe Group (Renew) as a Member of the European Parliament. The Renew Group was founded in 2019 and includes members from 22 member states. It was formed from the former group "Alliance of Liberals and Democrats in Europe" and the electoral alliance "Renaissance", which also includes the party of French President Emmanuel Macron. Renew represents a liberal policy of the political center. In this context, the freedom of the individual and a free and dynamic economy are at the center of its political efforts. Renew advocates sustainable economic growth and greater opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs. At the European level, it regards freedom, security and justice as important foundations for EU citizens. Renew views European integration positively, but also believes that the EU should only act in policy areas where there is a real added value of action at the EU level. There are 20 committees in the European Parliament that specialize in specific issues. They belong to the "Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety" (ENVI). There are 20 committees in the European Parliament that specialise in particular issues. You belong to the "Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety" (ENVI).

Arguments and strategy


Large amounts of pollutants are emitted by traffic and transport in Europe. These quantities must be significantly reduced in order to combat climate change. However, the position of the Renew group is that political measures must not interfere too much with the independent development of the market. The high purchase premiums for electric cars would give this technology a competitive advantage that other alternative technologies would not have. That is why the Renew Group is committed to investing in open-ended research into low-emission drive technologies. The most efficient technology can then assert itself on the market without the need for political intervention.


The Renew Group opposes ending subsidies on fossil fuels, as this would place an additional burden on the majority of citizens. In order for renewable energy to prevail over fossil fuels, it must be worthwhile to invest in this technology. In this case, the Renew group supports political incentive mechanisms, such as a market premium, to support the expansion of renewable energy sources. To avoid energy bottlenecks, it is important that the EU's energy independence is secured. A broad energy mix, a diverse a range of different processes, increases energy security here. At the moment, the energy market is managed and coordinated nationally. The Renew group is in favor of networking these national energy markets into a European energy market that is coordinated jointly. In this way, both energy and costs can be saved.

Nuclear energy
No technology should be excluded in the fight against climate change. Energy generation from nuclear power produces significantly fewer pollutants than energy generation from fossil fuels and can thus contribute to achieving climate targets. However, the Renew Group also sees the dangers of nuclear power plants and nuclear waste. If further investment is to flow into nuclear power, a uniform level of safety must be enforced throughout Europe. In addition, a strategy should be developed to adapt nuclear power plants to technological progress and to prevent power plants from gradually becoming obsolete and the safety risk from increasing.

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