Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats S&D



Members in the EP

147 from 705 deputies

Most important national parties

PSOE (Spain), PD (Italia), SPD (Germany), PSD (Romania), PS (Portugal), PL (Malta), SPÖ (Austria)

Group Chairperson

Iratxe García Pérez (Spain)

Political Orientation

social-democratic, progressiv

Logo S&D

Iratxe García Pérez

Iratxe García Pérez

Position of S&D

You belong to the group "Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats" (S&D) as a Member of the European Parliament. Your group represents social democratic values and has been represented in the European Parliament since its creation. Parties from 26 different member states of the European Union are represented in the S&D. The S&D represents social democratic policies at European level. Issues such as social justice, strengthening workers' rights, gender equality and sustainability are at the forefront of the political agenda. Regarding the EU, the S&D wants to create a more social, democratic, competitive and internationally active Europe. This also includes a more efficient European coordination of economic policy. An important concern of the S&D Group is to fight unemployment and to ensure that our society becomes fairer and markets fairer. People must be given confidence in the EU and hope for a better future. There are 20 committees in the European Parliament that specialise in particular issues. You belong to the "Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety" (ENVI).

Arguments and strategy


In order to achieve the climate protection goals, the emission of pollutants in transport must be reduced. To achieve this, the S&D group supports measures that make the purchase of electric vehicles more affordable for the average consumer. At the same time, the maintenance of vehicles with combustion engines should become more expensive. The S&D Group not only calls for an end to subsidies on fossil fuels, but also for a European CO2 tax that reflects the low environmental performance of CO2. This means many changes for the car industry in Europe. The S&D group sees it as the task of politics to support the car companies in the development of new business models and offers.


The rapid switch to green energy sources is important to stop climate change. The S&D group supports the European Commission's proposal. An additional CO² tax would also make electricity from environmentally harmful energy sources more expensive and green energy sources even more attractive. An independent and reliable energy supply must be guaranteed. In a European energy market, free capacities can be better utilised. Fluctuating electricity generation from wind and solar power can be balanced out by flexible biogas plants and energy storage.

Nuclear energy

Nuclear energy is not the energy of the future. It poses considerable risks to health and the environment, as there is no satisfactory solution for the final storage of nuclear waste. Money for climate protection should not flow into nuclear energy, but rather support the switch to renewable energies. The S&D group also advocates that the final nuclear phase-out be decided in the European Union.

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