Proposition of the European Comission for a Green Deal regulation

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COM (2020)

Proposal for a
to implement the European Green Deal by reducing emissions from transport and developing green energy sources.

The Commission proposal covers:

(1) Reducing emissions from transport and traffic:
In order to combat climate change, emissions from fossil fuels urgently need to be reduced, especially emissions from the transport sector. To this end, subsidies on fossil fuels should be abolished and in return the purchase of electrically powered vehicles should be promoted at European level with a subsidy of €7,000 per vehicle.

(2) Promoting the expansion of green electricity
In order to meet the rising demand for electricity in the EU, such as through the increased use of electric cars, and to make Europe energy-independent and future-proof, the expansion of green energy sources must be promoted significantly more. This includes heavy investment in offshore and onshore wind power, solar power, hydropower and biogases.

The expansion of green energy sources should be promoted by the EU with the help of a market premium, which should financially support the operation of clean energy sources and thus provide incentives for their construction. In addition, green electricity is to be fed into the grid with priority over conventional electricity and can thus gradually replace it.

(3) On the classification of nuclear power
Nuclear power generation is not classified as a green energy source. Therefore, the promotion of nuclear power (expansion or new construction of nuclear power plants) should not be financed from the Green Deal fund or from other European funds in order to manage the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

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