3. Reduce "your" emissions

So you are well aware now that climate change is a phenomenon which is not man-made, but facilitated through our global actions. But how can you contribute to less greenhouse gas emissions?

Let´s think about it.

On this website you find a list of household appliances and their average CO2 emissions per year. Our housholds (here as "residential") play an important role in global warming.

1. What do you think? Which household appliances emit the most? Talk to a classmate and agree on your TOP 3 items.

2. Check your ideas  here. Were you right? What is different/surprising?

3. How could you reduce your/your family´s CO2 emission? Take action and write down 3 ideas (you actually might try them out)!

4. Compare your ideas with your classmates. Try to find more ways to influence and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Last modified: Friday, 15 December 2017, 4:21 PM